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Two Sided Open House

Coronado Shores

How many homes actually sell from an open house?


You would be surprised by how little the percentage is. On the other hand, how many new clients does an agent acquire after each open house? Endless amounts; thus, How is this advantageous to the seller?

The real estate mentality is incredibly archaic, that goes for both the representative and their client. Most agents fall into the category of doing what the client expects them to do, and even sometimes enforce certain marketing implementations. However, how would the client know what is effective and current if they are not in the market working everyday?

That is right, they have no clue. So, my advice is, stand up for what you know is right in this current marketplace. Do not accept to list a property that is over priced or submit that offer that will never get accepted. Instead, share your knowledge and educate the consumer. Your working relationship will be much more pleasant and effective.


Honest reasons in today's market to hold an open house: -Eat your own open house snacks -Market yourself -Meet the neighbors who also plan on selling in the future

-Meet the residents currently renting and may be ready to take the leap of ownership -Have the house open for the unrepresented buyer -Get a buzz around the house to show it's popularity -Showings may occur only during open houses since the property isn't vacant -Generate new clients These aren't terrible reasons for holding an open house but based off this list who usually benefits more, the agent or the seller?

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