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The Buying Game

Dehydration, starvation, insomnia, psychological warfare: not what you were thinking when signing up to buy a home.

Exaggeration aside, purchasing a home in this market can become a difficult task if you aren't willing to hire a professional who will truly hunt, gather, and fight for you on a daily basis.

Head to toe emerged in this business you discover many paths you can take to resolving the goal of buying or selling property. The challenge one faces is understanding the method in which the opposing party will handle each obstacle.

What a Realtor must accomplish and may not always be possible is to make all 4 parties agree to one solution. Each party being the buyer/buyer's agent and seller/seller's agent. You would think naturally, if buyer and seller have the potential to agree to terms, than easily the agents can mediate this result. But I have found out through experience the opposing team may not always have their clients best interest and can impede the transaction hurting all parties.


There are multiple ways to deal with these types of scenarios:

  • Give all parties some time to leave emotions aside and get back at a later date.

  • Speak with the agents manager and make them aware of what is happening.

  • Make sure buyer and seller do all requests in writing and with live signatures.

  • Keep track of the escrow period and make your big moves strategically.

  • It's a sign, this may not be the right choice for this very moment and steer away.

Now, to avoid this type of situation completely, please do your due diligence in interviewing agents and make sure to ask the right questions upfront and not after you have hired them. That will save us all the headache.

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