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Born and raised in San Diego, Talyssa has been working in the real estate profession since 2008. She has a combined skill set of real estate investing, property rehab, residential design and marketing. After graduating with her professional degree in Architecture at the top of her class, Talyssa has united both her passions in to one by providing a comprehensive and integrated service for her clients. Through this optimal and engaging experience, Talyssa produces lasting client relationships and superior results.


Over time Talyssa and her team have exceeded their clients' expectations by offering more than their competition -- first through encouraging homeowners to use innovative strategies to net them the most money, second by guiding home buyers to seek out the best short term or long term investment strategies and lastly, by working with investors to make their money work for them. Today, Talyssa D'avila fuses renovation tactics with realty into one lucrative strategy for her clients while developing a modern solution for homeowners, home buyers and investors.

Now being in two separate markets in California and Minnesota it's increased her ability to quickly adapt to new markets and successfully use her added skills in all markets.  


Talyssa offers incomparable resources and a deeper understanding of exceptional service and the essence of excellence. Talyssa speaks Portuguese and Spanish to facilitate the transaction process for her clients.

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish

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